A Sustainable New Year Celebration

Celebrating a new beginning, a turning of the page, the next chapter in life—who doesn’t get excited about New Year’s celebrations? The champagne, the party blowers, the little hats, and the fashion. Oh, the fashion! Dressing to the nine for the big ball drop is a long-lasting tradition for many folks, and we are here for it. We love seeing all of the fresh, couture, high fashion looks. So while everyone everywhere is either planning a party or preparing to attend one, do we dare ask you to keep the planet top of mind this year? We do—a sustainable New Year is music to our ears.

The Guest List

If you’re sending out formal invitations, think about doing it digitally. There is something to be said about the classiness that comes with a printed invitation, but with the environment top of mind, your guests should understand. There are some really cool e-vite cards these days too, and you can even frame your message around the planet and all of your friends will know how forward-thinking and planet-conscious you are.

A True Dining Experience

Forget the plastic. It’s so easy to just throw away, your hungover self will thank you the next day. But let’s stop letting our hungover selves call the shots. Put your foot down and rent some fine glassware. This way you can simply return it the next day and be done with it, almost as easy as throwing it in the trash. Now, mother nature can thank you for a sustainable New Year celebration.

Floor To Ceiling

Most traditional New Year’s Eve party decorations are not kind to the environment. But just take a look around, check out some local party shops, they will almost always have some more eco-friendly options for you. And don’t get the paper tablecloths—use fabric. It’s much classier. And if it gets wine or champagne spilled on it, no worries, your local GreenEarth cleaner will get that right out for you.

Razzle Dazzle ‘Em

You can’t do New Year’s Eve without your best, drop-dead gorgeous fit. Avoid all things fast fashion, go for glitz—the real deal. Even think about shopping some vintage boutiques for that super trendy retro look everyone’s going for these days. Nothing is more sustainable than that. And you guessed it, GreenEarth cleaners around the world will be there waiting to take care of any alterations pre-party, and of course, cleaning and stain removal post-party. Find your local GreenEarth cleaner on our store locator—they’ll be your one-stop shop for all your fabric care needs.